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Activation issues

Common problems with software activation:

  • I can’t find my Activation code
    • Look for the instruction paper that comes with the PhotoPearls starter kit.
    • If you have previously activated your software and now lost the activation code.
      • Look for the activation receipt that was sent to your email when you last activated. Search for “PhotoPearls support” in your inbox; you will find your activation code in the letter. Note that you need to create a new unlock code for each new installation.
  • My unlock code is not valid
    • Check if you have mistyped your Activation code.
    • Check if your installation-id matches the installation-id in the Activation window.
  • The code is locked due to unanswered GDPR consent.
    • The request for consent was sent to your specified email address in May 2018. For help to reset your code, please send your activation code to
  • Not valid activation code
    • The activation code that starts with PP01A is no longer a valid code; this code only works with version 1.0, which we ended up supporting in 2010. Visit to purchase a new license key/activation code.

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